iFix Lifetime Warranty

What is iFix Warranty?

The iFix Warranty is our team's way of saying "I got your back". - When you choose to repair your mobile device with iFix, you are automatically entitled to the iFix Warranty which gives you a 100% after-service security. Whenever we offer you one of our software repair services or when you purchase a spare part for your mobile device, we guarantee you an after-sale service that is a 100% free.

What does the iFix Warranty cover?

Spare Parts Warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty on all iFix phone screens and selected parts purchased and installed by our technicians for your device.

Repair Warranty

Assuming the same problem arises on your device after having it repaired by our team, we will reFix your device free of charge - so you never have to pay for the same issue twice.
What are the Warranty terms & conditions?